W H O   I   A M

I was born and brought up in the south of Italy in a small city: Cosenza/Calabria. Already from a young age on I knew I wanted to create films. As first skill I started to learn as an actor for theatre and film. By the time I started my studies I felt the need to create films and tell my story though images and sound to the world.

I moved first to Florence and then to Milan, during this period I travelled a lot through Europe and spend one year in Costa Rica, especially in the months spent in Central America I broadened my view on the world. While I was studying Communication Technologies in Milan I worked at RAI as a Program Director. After I completed my studies I moved to Rome to work on my first feature film by the title “IL COLORE VERDE DELLA VITA”. After finishing this film I moved to Berlin, inspired by this multicultural city full of movement and transformation completely contrasting the city where he grew up. During the months I lived in Berlin I wrote the screenplay “JUDAS”, a different story about Judas Iscariot and his true role. In my films background plays an important role as well as confronting new topics, which are presented through different genres. I am driven by the idea to create films, which will stimulate and inspire the world. Therefore it is important for me to get to know different locations and people/professionals, which I then combine all of it within my films. I am a professional who wants constantly evolve and improve himself and his work. My cinema points of reference are Fellini, Bergman and Kubrick and a great passion for music, especially the experimental work of Pink Floyd and the French composer Jean Michel Jarre.

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